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Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

Our team of physiotherapists at Safe Work practice are able to expertly and efficiently complete manual task risk assessments in a timely manner to meet your OHSW requirements.

A Risk Assessment is performed to ensure that the ergonomic set up of the workstation / task allows the worker to use ideal manual handling techniques and postures. The area is reassessed once the relevant changes have been made. The information can be used as part of a risk management process, as a basis for developing safer work processes.

The documents will be presented such that the organisation can either add or omit information to tailor a job description within the organisation. As tasks change the organisation may wish to update the RA & attach additional information. Work mechanics/ergonomics may change from time to time and from job to job, therefore the human factors sections (such as heights, reaches, rest breaks, safety gadgets etc.) may need regular updates.

The format of the reports will allow this to be done easily & in an economical way for an updated analysis, or if a new risk is identified.

The format of the risk assessment document allows the progress to eliminating the risk identified to be tracked, so that urgent risks can be eliminated as practicable & in a timely manner.

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