Lifestyle Choices that Impact on Injury Recovery Powerpoint

Lifestyle Choices that Impact on Injury Recovery Powerpoint
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How a person performs at work is a product of who they are and what they bring from home. For example if a person develops neck pain while sitting in front of a computer, it is not only related to the ergonomic set-up of the workstation but there are many other factors that may contribute.

For example, they may not have slept very well the night before, which could be related to their partner disturbing their sleep, or the pillow/mattress not being comfortable, or they may be concerned about things that are keeping them awake.

They may also suffer from a poor diet, which is contributing to general muscular pain and making there muscles tighter. Or there are hereditary factors that can increase the likelihood of someone experiencing neck pain.

Then the person’s perception of that pain is such an individual thing. Have they had pain like this before? If not, there may be an expectation for complete recovery form the pain rather than someone who has become accustomed to the odd ache or pain and can therefore still function with a certain amount of discomfort in the back ground.

This 40 slide Power Point Presentation with notes explains the impact of lifestyle choices on injury prevention and recovery.

It includes:

  • Essential nutrients required for recovery from injury
  • How sugar in our diet increases inflammation
  • Resveratrol and the antiageing gene
  • Biological vs. chronological ageing and how we can reduce our “age”
  • The positive effects of weight training
  • The impact of smoking on injury recovery
  • How attitude effects our health

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