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Frequently Asked Questions2019-01-14T20:21:41+00:00
Where is your training conducted?2019-02-21T11:44:08+00:00

As a mobile allied health provider we come to you and conduct site specific Hazardous Manual Tasks training at your workplace.

Do you offer Hi-Caps?2019-01-14T18:33:38+00:00

We certainly do, however as we are a mobile allied health provider – it is just as easy to claim online with your health fund provider using the individual Medicare provider numbers of our therapists. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page – often we have promotions for ‘gap-free’ services!

Do you do training for individuals?2019-02-21T11:45:58+00:00

At this time we do not offer any routine training sessions for individuals as we require a minimum of 3 persons to undertake a session under WHS legislation. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have a small group of between 3 and 10.

Do you cap class sizes?2019-02-21T11:47:07+00:00

Yes we do. Depending on the nature of the workplace and the industry that you work in – we would typically cap training at 10 for health care workers and encourage 10 for non health industries if you would like a practical component of your training. For schools – often clients prefer ‘lecture style’ training, which we can then accommodate more persons with some seated and standing physical activity only.

Do you see Medicare Funded clients on Care Plans?2019-01-14T18:34:19+00:00

We certainly do. However as the fee is very small and we come to you, there may be a small gap fee depending on your location. Please contact us to discuss.

Do you see NDIA managed clients?2019-01-14T18:35:00+00:00

We see all self-managed and plan-managed clients, however we do accept NDIA managed clients depending on the service you require. Please contact us to discuss whether we are registered to provide the service/s you require.

What training and screening processes do you undertake on your staff?2019-02-21T11:42:35+00:00

All of our allied health professionals are registered with AHPRA, who regulate the abilities of the practitioners to practice in their profession in Australia. Our workers are all screened with National Police Clearances and DCSI Clearances and hold the suitable checks to work with vulnerable populations. Our allied health professionals are all vaccinated annually in line with industry recommendations (particularly those who work in Aged Care) and all attend both internal and external professional development courses in Hazardous Manual Task Training, manutention and various other specialties.

Can you see self-insured organisations for injury management services?2019-01-14T18:36:15+00:00

We are a registered provider of RTWSA services, but we also support organisations who are self-managed and use a fairer pricing system to make the services more affordable. We offer all of our injury management services at your workplace or place of choice.

Is ‘manual handling training’ compulsory?2019-01-14T18:36:55+00:00

Although confusing at times, it is actually NOT a compulsory training requirement for Australian workers to complete prior to commencing employment. However, due to the high risk to untrained workers acquiring injuries at work, many organisations will mandate that their employees attend regular ‘manual handling training’ to increase awareness and refresh skills to self-manage their risk at work. As an organisation, we also encourage face-to face training, particularly in the health industry, as the availability of the latest equipment and knowledge of patient-empowering techniques become available frequently. We pride ourselves on providing evidence based, interactive and ENGAGING training that will be guaranteed to be talked about as they walk out of the office door!