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With over 26 years working to support people with disabilities, Safe Work Practice offers an extensive range of services across its experienced team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and exercise physiologists. We pride ourselves on offering a complimentary initial session at your home to get to know your needs and ensure that you like us before commencing any supports. Safe Work Practice specialises in providing and modifying equipment to EMPOWER your independence, we can offer services including:

  • Physiotherapy. Strength, balance, endurance and movement rehabilitation and maintenance. Pain management including manual therapies, acupuncture and exercise therapy. Hydrotherapy pending availability at a suitable local pool. Assistive technology procurement including NDIA reports for level 3 and 4 technologies.
  • Occupational therapy. Specialised assistance with functional tasks to re-learn, maintain or improve activities of daily living – the ability to eat, to shower, to access a car, to propel a wheelchair, to get dressed or to move about the home or community. This may include equipment prescription and home modification (see below), including gopher and electric wheelchair suitability assessment.
  • Home modification by occupational therapists. Clinical assessment, quoting with qualified tradespersons, report to the NDIA with recommendations and coordination of the project for reasonable and necessary home modifications. We are able to accommodate for most structural changes (e.g. Moving of doorways, removal of walls, installation of ceiling hoists) and can readily assist with simpler modifications such as rail installations.
  • Equipment / assistive technology prescription. Assistive technology procurement (including NDIA reports for level 3 and 4 technologies) by either our occupational therapists or physiotherapists. This includes complex wheelchair modifications in conjunction with seating technicians at seating supplier showrooms, customised foam wedges, hoist sling prescription, mobility aid prescription and much more.
  • Education – CERTIFIED manual handling training endorsed by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Association. We offer a mobile education service by our industry experts to teach health workers, families or the participant themselves, some excellent strategies to EMPOWER natural movement patterns and maintain functional independence of the person requiring the support.

Who can we support?

Safe Work Practice accepts referrals for all persons over the age of 18 and under 65 who are self-managed, plan-managed and agency-managed. If you are a participant under 18, we can refer you to another industry expert in our area that specializes in the supports for children and youth.

With 26 years of experience, we have worked with people who have a variety of physical, cognitive and emotional challenges and complex needs. Whether you require assistance with regaining your strength or need complex equipment and home modifications, urgent assistance with chronic pressure areas or equipment upon returning from hospital – we have been there before. We understand the challenges working within different frameworks in the health industry and can work with you to explore the best options for you to access supports.

Where does this take place?

We are a mobile provider so we come to you – whether that be in your home or another place of preference (e.g. gym, independent living centre).

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