Hazardous Manual Task Training (Manual Handling)

//Hazardous Manual Task Training (Manual Handling)
Hazardous Manual Task Training (Manual Handling)2019-03-20T11:41:44+00:00

‘Hazardous Manual Tasks Training’, formally known as ‘manual handling training’ is our specialty! Boasting over 26 years of clinical experience, our team is able to deliver CERTIFIED and customized training to your workplace. Whether your organisation is a health care provider (hospital, aged care facility, residential disability accommodation, day surgery center) or from another industry (retail, mining, education, administration etc), we have the industry experience to develop training to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

Our training is largely practical based to provide the most relevant and engaging learning experience, as such this is why our training is best delivered in your workplace. We provide electronic copies of manual handling guidelines (industry specific), ergonomic checklists, exercise programs and more to your organisation. On completion of the training, all participants receive an ACCREDITED participation based certificate that can be used towards professional development points for registration requirements in some industries. We also offer competency based assessment of skills depending on your organisation’s preference.

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