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Frequently Asked questions

Where is your training conducted?
All face to face training can be undertaken at your workplace or a suitable venue can be hired to accommodate your organisation’s needs.

Alternatively if partaking in virtual training, this can take place anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

Do you offer training for individuals?

At this time we do not offer any routine training sessions for individuals as we require a minimum of 3 persons to undertake a session under WHS legislation.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have a small group of between 3 and 10.

Is manual handling training compulsory?
Although confusing at times, it is actually NOT a compulsory training requirement for Australian workers to complete prior to commencing employment.

However, due to the high risk to untrained workers acquiring injuries at work, many organisations and/or industries will mandate that their employees attend regular ‘manual handling training’ to increase awareness and refresh skills to self-manage their risk at work.

As an organisation, we also encourage face-to face training, particularly in the health industry, as the availability of the latest equipment and knowledge of patient-empowering techniques become available frequently.

We pride ourselves on providing evidence based, interactive and ENGAGING training that will be guaranteed to be talked about as they walk out of the office door!

Do you see self insured organisations for injury management services?

We are a registered provider of RTWSA services, but we also support organisations who are self-managed and use a gazetted pricing system to make the services more affordable.

We offer all of our injury management services at your workplace or place of choice.

Is your training certified?
All of our content is based on manutention principles and our courses are Accredited through the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Association. As such, we can issue certification to attendees for CPD points towards professional registration.

Although our content is in line with the unit of competency for this area of expertise, we are undergoing the long process of becoming an RTO and cannot currently offer unit MEM11011 or unit HLTWHS005.

What workplace screening do you have in place?
All of our staff hold relevant DCSI screening and the newer NDIS Worker Screening checks. Working in various settings, our staff also hold current Police Clearances.

Although we are not a paediatric service, our staff do hold a Working With Children Check as we often support older teens and our older customers often have children or grandchildren present at times of service delivery.

What is our COVID safe plan and how do we minimise the risk of COVID in our workplace?
At present, we do not require whose whom we support to be vaccinated against Covid-19 as this is a personal choice, providing that the service occurs in your home and not in our office.

We lower our risk by following a strict ‘Pandemic Plan’, follow Public Health Orders, wear fit tested N95’s and eye protection and are up to date with COVID vaccinations available. We would be happy to provide you and your support team information on where to ac

Do I need to wear a mask to attend training or receive services?
Although best practice is for both parties to wear a mask and social distance, sometimes social distancing isn’t possible due to the nature of work we do. Similarly, sometimes communication becomes challenging when the face is obscured.

It is your choice whether you wear a mask. Our therapists will always arrive with PPE and in the event it is requested to be removed, we kindly ask that you assist us with knowing some risks before the therapist removes their mask.

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