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Pre Employment Assessments

Pre Employment Assessments

Developed to reflect the demands of jobs undertaken at your workplace that is identified in a job Dictionary. These are performed on all staff prior to being employed.

The aim of the assessment is to objectively determine if potential staff has the physical ability (capacity) to perform the full job safely. The assessment identifies any shortfalls between his/her capacity and the job requirements.
At this time, advice is given to the employer about the worker’s compatibility with the task.

The documented results are provided to relevant management immediately following the assessment so that decisions can be made on the day.

Our PEA's (pre- employment assessments) comply with legal & equal opportunity legislative requirements.

They can be done on site at your workplace, or at SWP rooms in your state.


Costs $220 inc GST per assessment at SWP rooms in Goodwood, SA or Prahan, VIC.

Please contact [email protected] for quotes for assessments at your workplace

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