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train the trainer programs


“Our ‘train the trainer’ programs offer an additional level of training to larger organisations that wish to train their staff internally.”

The idea of ‘train the trainer’ is that a leadership group is appointed within your organisation and they are trained to a professional level to be able to provide mentoring to other staff within your organisation.

The benefit of participants undertaking a ‘train the trainer’ program is that your organisation can have 24/7 access to people within your organisation with advanced skills in ‘Hazard Manual Tasks Training’.

It not only reduces the long-term cost of training your site staff, but it empowers your team to manage and reduce work place risks as they become apparent.

Our ‘train the trainer’ programs are delivered at your workplace with all resources sent electronically to your organisation prior to the session.

With all of our courses, participants will receive an ACCREDITED certificate of competency and continuous phone and email support to assist them in their mentoring role.

We do encourage participants to hold a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment to provide their co-workers a targeted mentoring experience when they pass on their skills within your organisation.